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Reclaimed Barnwood is a naturally beautiful product that is often plagued with problems. Reclaimed Barnwood can be expensive, difficult to install, and can be full of hidden hazards. You will find that most painted, reclaimed Barnwood is contaminated with lead paint, arsenic and mold from being exposed to the elements for years. Needless to say, reclaimed Barnwood can be toxic and hazardous to your family’s health.

Easy Barnwood was created to capture the rustic, natural beauty of reclaimed Barnwood without the high cost, difficult installation and risk to your family’s health.


How is Easy Barnwood Better?

Half the cost of reclaimed Barnwood

Installs three times faster than reclaimed Barnwood

16’ Lengths that are T&G to make installation easier

Matching Trim available

Unique T&G design for blind nailing

Eco-friendly water based finish

1/3 the waste of reclaimed Barnwood

Guaranteed to have no barnyard smells

Guaranteed to be free of lead and arsenic


Car Siding, is a tongue in grove board some times cedar, sometimes knotty pine, with some decorative "V" groove in the face of the board that adds some definition to the siding.

In Stock:
1" x 6" x 8'-   #2 Yellow Pine
1" x 6" x 10'- #2 Yellow Pine
1" x 6" x 12'- #2 Yellow Pine
1" x 6" x 16'- #2 Yellow Pine



T1-11 Plywood sheets are perfect for siding a shed or barn.

In Stock
4' x 8' x 5/8" - 8" O.C.