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 CANNONBALL Our expansive product lines give our customers access to nearly all the accessories and components necessary to complete a post frame or metal building. While we don't make the building itself, we can provide you with just about everything else. Whether it's improving quality, enhancing flexibility, or reducing costs, all CANNONBALL products are designed and manufactured to provide the most value for our customer's building dollar.


Top Mount Box Rail, designed for doors weighing up to 600 lbs. Reduces material costs and installation time. Includes pre-punched mounting flashing brackets welded to the rail on 2' centers for attaching to 2"x6" track board with 2-1/2" ring shank nails with neoprene washer, a splice bracket is not necessary if rail must be spliced. Manufactured from galvanized steel


Interior Track Sliding Rails, provides an upscale appearance, classic functionality and high aesthetic appeal to any home, office or work space. This versatile system combines rustic charm with high tech components for a product suitable for a variety of design styles.


Strap Trolleys, varieties are available with either a single strap located at the front of the trolley, or individual straps placed in the front and rear. While both models are ideal for solid wood doors, Front Strap trolley models are intended for 1-1/2" thick panels - and Front & Rear Strap models are designed for panels up to 1-13/16" thick. Front Strap Trolleys offer four directions of adjustment to provide a better door panel fit.


Pendant Bolt Trolleys, ideal for framed door panel projects, Pendant Bolt Trolleys offer a wide variety of bolt lengths and styles to fit your specific needs. Recommended for steel frame doors, these trolleys have a variety of bolt style and length options that provide extra mounting flexibility. The Pendant Bolt installs through the top of the horizontal, allowing for easy adjustment and a perfect fit. For maximum flexibility, the offset bolt version offers four directions of adjustment: up, down, in and out.


Stay Rollers, functions similarly to a guide rail, but recommended for Kwik Frame Door Systems or solid wood panel doors smaller than 140 square feet. Available in different styles based on project needs.